This collection of digital drawings is a contribution to the extensive history of the landscape image. They explore the possibilities of a rule based approach to the creation of dynamic landscape drawings. In this case the concept of 'rule' also implies certain self-imposed aesthetic limitations and principles as well as the simple programmed systems controlling the image making process.

The palette is restricted to black on a white background. The initial position of the horizon is fixed. No interaction. In one case a drawing is limited to horizontal strings of dots. In another case only black rectangles are used. In all cases simple programs are used at the core of the image development.

Instead of pursuing higher levels of software based complexity, the main effort is put into exploring simple principles and integrating the functions and characteristics of each system with the particular logic and expression of each drawing. To this end algorithms are considered useful materials and catalysts among many other contributing factors in a very conscious creative process.

field ice ridge cloud

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