In summer 2002, I was invited to be artist in "virtual residence" at Flying Arts Online (FAO), an online community of artists residing in remote areas of Queensland, Australia.

24 is an online art project I developed from San Francisco in collaboration with five FAO artists:
  • Colleen Gherashe, Dalby, Qld
  • Germaine Kennedy, Bundaberg, Qld
  • Inez Melvin, Elliott Heads, Qld
  • Maree Prior, Tin Can Bay, Qld
  • Peta Warner, Cunnamulla, Qld

24 enables you to create a short animation (24 seconds/24 frames) by selecting pictograms representing a wide range of stimuli and body motions we experience in everyday life. The animation is an attempt to describe a memory of your state of mind and activities over a span of one day (24 hours).

To create the animation, select one pictogram for each hour of the day from three main categories, work (red), rest (blue), and play (purple). The pictograms are selected by using the tab, spacebar and arrow keys of your keyboard.

I developed the project in Flash. Peta, Germaine, Colleen, Maree and Inez produced the pictograms.

enter 24. (flash 6 plugin required.)

andrew hieronymi

"A memory is a "temporary constellation" of activity - a necessarily approximate excitation of neural circuits that bind a set of sensory images and semantic data into the momentary sensation of a remembered whole."

Daniel L. Schachter