Cape Cod is a real place, but the events and characters of THE CAPE are fictional. The photographs have been retouched.
The diagrams are not to scale.

To navigate THE CAPE, click on the images at the bottom of the screen. I generally read from left to right, but you can read in any order you like.

THE CAPE was written, designed, built and copyright by me, J. R. Carpenter, in 2005.

Many DHTML and javascripts were injured during the making of this web site. I used HomeSite 4.0. Dreamweaver plotted the timelines. All other code credits remain intact inside the source code.

My primary resource was:

Stephen P. Leatherman, Editor, Environmental Geologic Guide to Cape Cod National Seashore; Field Trip Guide Book for the Eastern Section of the Society of Economic Paleontologists & Mineralogists, National Park Service Cooperative Research Unit, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass., 1979.

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Thank you for spending time on THE CAPE.

J. R. Carpenter, August 2005.