Great Wall of China


Simon Biggs

Produced by

Film + Video Umbrella

supported by
East England Arts, the Arts Council of England and Oxford Brookes University

CD-ROM with prints version published by Ellipsis, London

If you do not have Shockwave you might like to download it.

copyright 1996

exhibited at

Babel, Mappin Gallery, Sheffield; Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, UK, 2000
Script, Blindsound, Seoul, South Korea, 2000
Electrohype, Malmo, Sweden, 2000
Festival International de Language Electronique, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2000
Jornadas de Arte y Medios Digitales, Cordoba, Argentina, 2000
Banbury Museum, Banbury, UK, 1999
Creativity & Consumption, Artezium, Luton, UK, 1999
Fast and Wide, The Broadway, Nottingham, UK, 1999
Babel, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK, 1999
Cyber 99 Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 1999
Sci-Art 99, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 1999
Vidarte, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City, Mexico, 1999
2nd International Exhibition of CD-ROM, MECAD, Barcelona, Spain, 1999
Gantry Gallery, Southhampton, UK, 1999
Focal Point Gallery, Southend-On-Sea, UK, 1999
Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, UK, 1999
ICA New Media, Beijing, China; Shanghai, China, 1998
Networks One, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK, 1998
Beyond Interface, Toronto, Canada, 1998
Pandaemonium Festival, Standpoint Gallery, London, UK, 1998
European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany, 1998
L'Imagginera Leggera, Palermo, Italy, 1998
New Media Arts Festival, Pamplona, Spain, 1998
International Animation Festival, Cardiff, Wales, 1998
International Media Arts Festival, Vitoria, Spain, 1998
Rencontres Arts Electroniques, Rennes, France, 1998
Webwise<>Artsites, University of Technology, Hong Kong, 1997
Videotage, Hong Kong, 1997
TransMedia, Podewil, Berlin, Germany, 1997
Lab6, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland, 1997
Stuttgart Film Winter, Stuttgart, Germany, 1997
Champs Libre, Montreal, Canada, 1997
Kahanamoku and Beyond, University of Western Sydney, Australia, 1996