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Movie Mincer on TV
25-05-2004, 3,2Mb

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At 'Run_Me Dorkbot' in Aarhus, Denmark

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<01> news

Coming MM cinema shows:
June 24 - August 24, 2006 > ARTSTRELKA, MOSCOW.
At ElectroBoutique (personal exhibition).

Last shows:
June 10, 2006 > AIZPUTE, LATVIA.
At 1-st Post-Soviet Art Summercamp.

April 7, 2006 > ST.PETERSBURG, RUSSIA.
At State Hermitage Museum.

First public presentation:
May 6, 2004 > GLASGOW, SCOTLAND.
At Centre For Contemporary Arts, as a part of the Machinista - 350 Sauchiehall Street G2, 19:00

Really good news:
May, 2004 > WWW
the Movie Mincer project is included in art-bases of well-known media art portals Rhizome.Org and Runme.Org.

<02> about

First foto at the kitchen. It really works!Movie Mincer was constructed by Russian media artist Sergey Teterin in 2004. An old soviet mincer is used as a laptop-connected device to manually generated video streams (mincer > laptop > beamer > screen). No special video-software is required. No video at all - just a real 'moving pictures'. Movie Mincer uses brilliant and free graphic viewer XnView v.1.80 [].

Movie Mincer is a hand-made artistic tool with great potential:

[A] MINCED CINEMA (lowtech art performance)
Movie mincer allows to show motion pictures by turning the mincer's handle reviving and paroding the atmosphere of the first performances from the very dawn of cinema era. Each movie represents a set of JPEG pictures projected in series which corresponds literally to the "moving pictures" definition. Your brain combines these pictures, and you see real movie on the screen!

Movie Mincer regains much of cinematography's primary charm, fascination of rough and genuine illusion of "fast changing pictures". It produces "root" movie with frequency of shots 10-15 per second, creating true illusion of cinema, which is not available neither in modern cinema nore on DVD. Therefore it's interesting to show forgotten and swept by new technologies films, such as early movies by Bunuel and Dziga Vertov.

Available mincemovies:
."The man with the movie camera" by Dziga Vertov, 1929. 12 789 pics mincemovie, ~ 12 min. [Film info]
."Un Chien Andalou" by Louis Bunuel, 1928. 11 923 pics mincemovie, ~ 12 min. [Film info]
."Lumiere Brothers' First Films", 1895-1897. 8 733 pics mincemovie, ~ 10 min. [Films info]
."The Carbonman" by The Blue Noses group, 2003. First colour mincemovie, 9 895 pics, ~ 11 min. [Short demo]
."Nestlings of sea" film by Boris Kazakoff. 5 151 pics.
. Unknown film by Zbig Rybchinsky, 2 283 pics, ~ 4 min.

All mincemovies are demonstrated in silent mode, soundtrack is an extra feature which is generated separately (DJ support is preferred).

Movie Mincer represents a deadly competitive product within the range of expensive veejays hardware. It turns out that MM is especially useful for video-parties!

Available effects:

Movie Mincer has the original old soviet design (1972) created in Izhevsk Ironware Plant which produced mincing machines as well as internationally known fire-arms.

[russian text here]

<03> comments

by Hans Bernhard [Ubermorgen, Etoy]
- in "Read_Me Software Art & Cultures" book, edition 2004, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

"...Although we are all constantly confronted by mechanic, digital and organic interfacing, this brilliant contemporary soviet hardware and russian uberhardware transformation brings it up right in our faces. Rough mechanics and historical film, 01ed through an intel-chip... Rotation and bitflows, fake liquidity of images and real smoothness of meat mincing are pure emotions and parts of our neurological and vegetative systems..." [read more]

<04> call for videos

We encourage all artists and video-maniacs to enlarge our base of mincemovies ready for demonstration! We accept short (12 min. max) movies in .AVI (DivX) or QuickTime formats, resolution 320x240, low-fi is welcome, sound and captioning data are not necessary.


Upload video-file into your server and send link to with all attendant information (title, author's name, description etc).

Or via snailmail on CD-R:
614094, Russia, Perm 3427
for Sergey Teterin

All convenient works will be converted to mincemovies and will be shown in Russia and beyond. Author's rights will be declared.


<05> credits

Idea and show realizations:
Sergey Teterin
Development: Valery Korotaev and Sergey Teterin
Supported by: Vadim Pogorely and Municipal Center of the Arts Exhibitions in Perm, Urals

© Movie Mincer project, 2004-06.