Netbikini - Manual

  1. Download the pattern in your size
    1. Open the pattern (postscript file) in your favorite program
    2. Print the pattern
    3. Cut out the six pattern pieces and put them together
  2. Cut out the pattern on sheer, transparent net fabric (i.e. curtain material)
    1. Leave a 1 cm (1/2- inch) seam allowance when cutting the fabric
    2. For the straps, leave a 1.5 cm (3/4 inch) seam allowance
  3. Sew
    1. Sew in the darts from the tips downward
    2. Cut out the darts, leaving approx. 1 cm (1/2-inch) margin
    3. Press out the darts
    4. Press all seams toward the inside
    5. Top: sew side seams first
    6. Set the machine for stitches the width of the food
    7. Tie and cut off the threads at the end of the seam
    8. Use transparent nylon thread
  4. Order the original label
    1. Try on the bikini
    2. Take a photo
    3. Send the photo to
    4. Receive your original label
  5. Sew in the original label