9 JANUARY 1998

Nemo wrote to the 7-11 list after the WWWAC (World Wide Web Artists Consortium) Panel:

At 10:30 PM -0400 1/8/98, Nemo wrote:
>Rachel Green and Mark Tribe? No sexual tension. None. Zippo.
>Mark Tribe has a business plan.
>Robbin Murphy loves 7-11 (2 passionate kisssmack mentions!) 
>Another Mostly Male Brothel, except for the three women and the 50% split in
>the audience. (Of course I counted.)

I replied:

7-11 was the best counter to the rather dry moves I think we ended up offering. I doubt many understood what I was talking about since I said the best way to explain 7-11 is that it's a convenience, something you had to visit regularly to appreciate and always open!. I should have added that transactions were taking place and an economy/ecology developing out of those transactions.

We all did our exhibition routines (with a T1 and projector!) but I was hoping for more of a freestyle question and answer period. Maybe even something of a brawl. The questions we did get were interesting and the theme of animation is a good topic to explore as it pertains to time, rules and working/thinking digitally (breaking things up, putting them back together, mutating).

How to hold a wrestling match and not exhibit wrestling?

You can all shower now.