past nowhere
Tuesday, July 21, 1998

So far I don't have any pain. The chemo makes me dizzy and light-headed but have pills to counteract that and make me sleepy.

They put a "passport" in my left arm to give me the chemo. Doesn't hurt and a lot better than an IV every time. I will have this for a whole year or as long as I need it. The doctor called this week to tell me all the tests she took last week were good. My blood count is good. That is important. The chemo eats up the white blood cells and makes me prone to infections. So have to be careful and not catch cold.

Wrestling Tip #13:
Fake that you have lots of energy left during a break. Never let on to the referee or your opponent how tired you really are.

I'm OK and in the process of being injected into the system that calls itself "Global U". It's a slow process, one that seems to have a great number of protocols and requires a "passport". But once lodged in the academic body I will happily replicate and either take over or become benign. Unless, of course, they discover an effective chemotherapy treatment to irradicate me.

"past nowhere" refers to a an old joke -- a variation is "It's not the middle of nowhere but you can see nowhere from there."