Development of Universal Algorithm for Basic Human Experience
Independent Variable
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Dependent Variable

Characteristics of Relation over Time Presentation
of Data
Continuous/ Interpolated
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Degree of Severity Personal Uncertainty Margin of Error Level
Truth Value Advancing Declining


  • Don't be afraid of repetition, this is normal and seen often in relationships such as these.
  • The veracity of each graph is finally determined by you and the parameters you provide.
  • A Note about Scale: The scale of the generated graphs are indices unless otherwise noted.
  • Absolution may be extracted from each graph for all past and future sins if that is what you want in your heart. Check here to include absolution statement.

    Absolution Certification Your Name
    Rev. Luke A. Murphy

Technical Note: The generated graph can be printed. Choose the print option under the file menu - make sure that 'print backgrounds' is selected in your print setup.