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The Golden Age of Barcodes - Video


The GOlden Age of Barcodes

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The Golden Age of Barcodes is part of a series of videos based on a computer program created by Dion with the assistance of a friend in 1997.  Over 10,000 images have been barcoded by this program thus far.  The orignal concept has evolved since Dion began barcoding paintings, photos and found object works in 1991.  These works have been shown throughout the world beginning with gallery shows in 1991 through current, and a variety are included in his videos, "In One Second"(1996) and "The Pipeline Project"(2003-2004) and in the installation and net project, The House That George Built. The barcode is the most recognized symbol in the world, now in it's 30th year.  The representation of barcoding, replicating, cloning and manufacturing all that exists, symbolically, literally and conceptually is to symbolize the manufacture and consumerism of all products, but also to include the commercialization of our natural world, our earth, our spiritualities, our bodies, emotions and actions...to barcode everything, to clone everything across all spectrums.   This is a series and project in-progress...Further related video, Flash and net projects to come...

Big Barcoded Thanks to:

Blaine Flewin for the use of his song "Metallic D.N.A." from his album Feast on The Horizon.

Darren Meeks for programming assistance...

Lewis LaCook for technical assistance, and assistance in general...


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