Spamgraffiti is a series of online installations created from spam.

Each environment is created by spooling through one email account and visually articulating the spam on a series of layers. Newer spam appears above and slowly filters out older spam below. As the rate of spam increases over time per account, the page itself appears less and less like the previous generation.

Each screen showcases the 25 most recent spam in the account.

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  • 14926msgs
    Account created in 2001 for an internet service provider. On sign up, all messages were opted out.

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  • 84msgs
    Account set up in late 2004 as the default contact for over ten domain names.

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  • 184msgs
    Account distributed in late 2004 as a mailto link on an active community site.

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  • 2msgs
    Catch all account for an entire domain created in late 2004. All email that does not go to a username on the domain will be sent to this account.

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