credits to
myself, Sookey Beg, creator of this piece
R Harris for audio help

(you will need shockwave player to view this site)


Invisible town is partially an interactive narrative based on an anonymous avatars existentialist experiences in a fragmented urban dreamlike setting. On the other hand it is also an audio visual experience for the user, a place of dreaming, transcience and thinking.
In some areas the character is continually killed and reborn. In some it falls continually, until it learns not to fall. Sometimes it just walks or floats about destroying what it touches.
The soundtrack features amongst other sounds, a deadpan voice sometimes narrating the visuals, sometimes narrating something else altogether. A seagull’s screech is drawn out and reversed, resulting in what sounds like hell maybe, meanwhile incessant voices seem to chatter like crazed orcs behind you creating a surreal yet organic unknown atmosphere. Organs drone . .. . the unexpected happens. . . .
Growing up here , for me was like growing up in a picture puzzle.
The images are like pieces of a puzzle that is difficult but not impossible to solve. In this piece I capture the geographical closeness yet irreconcilable contrasts in size, era and energy of these different locations.


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