Warranty on Limited Edition Digital Prints

The image quality lifespan of any print formed by a process dye method…from 
lithography to Iris giclee inkjet prints…is subject to a wide variety of 
influences. Many of the deleterious influences, such as exposing your print 
to excessive light (direct, UV, fluorescent), moisture, heat or vapors, and 
of course from any direct contact, can be readily avoided by proper framing, 
display and storage, and as such, extend the lifespan of your print.

Should your print quality noticeably deteriorate, despite your assurances that 
you have always prevented any such deleterious influences upon the print, you 
may have your print exchanged for a substantially similar, new print of the 
same image for a period not to exceed:

5 years-prints made on default photo-matte paper;
10 years-prints made on archival coated photo papers (glossy, satin, matte);
15 years-prints made on archival coated fine art papers;
20 years-prints made on archival uncoated fine art papers;
25 years-Giclée prints on archival fine art papers. Simply return your print (no framing materials please) in a sturdy, prepaid, returnable mailer or shipping tube with your complete return address, clearly provided on a mailing/shipping label, and the proper amount of return postage (including any additional fees, taxes, levies, and any instructions of export shipping, including any and all applicable required governmental forms). Include evidence (sales receipt) that you are the original buyer of the print, and, a short note verifying your proper care of the print during its entire history. This offer is for the original owners only and is not transferable, negotiable or to be held in barter or in lieu of any other exchanges, offers or losses. This offer is not for the return of prints and/or refund of the costs of prints. You, as the Buyer and owner of the print, are completely responsible for getting the print to us and back to you. Our responsibility is simply to exchange the old print with a new print. This offer represents the sole warranty and extent of liability between Buyer and Seller as all goods are sold without warranty, expressed or implied, as to merchantability, fitness or use. Buyer assumes full responsibility for any use of goods purchased by Buyer, and shall hold Seller harmless against any claims, losses or damages in connection with such goods. Seller's, including agents and employees, liability for damages is limited in amount to the price paid by buyer, regardless of the nature, cause or extent of any claim or loss(es). last reviewed: 02-25-2002 Brooks Design-Contemporary Graphics 535 NW 107th Ave Portland, OR 97229-6211
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