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Buyer offers and agrees to purchase from Brooks Design, upon the terms and conditions hereinafter stated, the following:

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Item Price

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Shipping Costs_______________



Check Enclosed VISA / MasterCard #______________________________________________________Exp. Date _____________________

(Do not e-mail credit card information)



  The additional terms of sale on page two hereof are part of this Agreement.



For actual Shipping Costs, contact Seller by phone, fax or e-mail prior to submission of Sales Agreement.



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Accepted by Seller: BROOKS DESIGN

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Date: ___________________,2002

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Payments &  Prices 

All orders are conditioned upon acceptance by Seller and prepayment by Buyer of all amounts, including shipping and handling. Payment by bank check occurs when check funds have been credited to Seller's account. Seller's advertised prices subject to change without notice. Some goods are subject to minimum orders. All taxes, fees or duties are the responsibility of Buyer. Facsimile signatures shall be deemed original signatures.



Goods are normally delivered within 30 days of payment. Some goods may not be deliverable within 30 days in which event Buyer will be notified.


Specifications  & Designs 

Seller's standard specifications shall apply to all goods. All sizes are approximate. Drawings and photographs and other references represent the typical, but not identical, image, style and/or character of the goods offered and do not preclude substitution of substantially similar goods by Seller. All designs are the exclusive property of Seller and may not be copied or emulated in any manner. Goods may not be altered in connection with any resale.


No Warranty 

All goods are sold without warranty, expressed or implied, as to merchantability, fitness or use. Buyer assumes full responsibility for any use of goods purchased by Buyer, and shall hold Seller harmless against any claims, losses or damages in connection with such goods. Seller's, including agents and employees, liability for damages is limited in amount to the price paid by Buyer, regardless of the nature, cause or extent of any claim or loss(es). See new extended     Print Warranty   


Domestic  Shipping 

All orders shipped from Portland, Oregon. Buyer agrees to pay all actual shipping costs. UPS Ground Shipping will be Buyer's designated shipping carrier unless weight or other limitations prevent use of UPS.


Export  Shipping 

Buyer's instructions for export shipping must include copies of all applicable required governmental forms. A handling charge of 9% (Canada) or 18% (all other foreign exports) will be added to the total order charges to offset crating and/or export costs; any unused portion of charges will be returned to Buyer within 30 days of completion of transaction.


Damaged   Goods 

Seller is not responsible for damage to goods occurring after delivery to Buyer's shipping carrier. Claims of damaged goods or shortages must be sent to Seller within seven days of receipt of goods.


Governing    Law 

The interpretation, construction, performance, enforcement and any controversy arising in connection with this Sales Agreement shall be governed by the laws of, and enforced only in, the State of Oregon with venue in the Circuit Court of Multnomah County, Oregon, USA.



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