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A satirical board game set in a dystopian future. First designed around 1989-1993, revised in 1999-2000, revised again in 2010 and now expecting a Summer 2010 release. Has an affiliated Facebook group and mailing list.

My personal weblog, containing notes on film, books, experimental music, poetics, comics, taxonomies, process, noise, and esoterica. Everything except the sidebar has been on hold since April 2010.

Poetry, fiction, Wikipedian Tag, Flash games, political tag clouds, the Fugue State drone-music festival, and a bunch of other stuff I made or was involved with.

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Photos and a few collages


Older Projects

Aught Music
A lively decade-in-review MP3 blog, which I curated in the second half of 2009. My contributions can be seen here.

A record label, focusing on limited-edition releases of drone, noise, electroacoustic, and psychedelic music, currently enjoying a longish hiatus. Home of the transcendent drone collective Number None, of which I was a member from 2000-2006.

Imaginary Year (2001-2005)
An experiment in serialized fiction, which documented the lives of a group of fictional Chicagoans in real time. Imaginary Year ran for five years, and received an Individual Artist Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. An introduction to the work can be read here.

Bombing Starbucks (1999)
My Master's thesis. A novel about art, activism, the Internet, major labels, Barnes and Noble, the viability of violent action as a method of facilitating social change, virtual reality, selling out, shopping malls, diners, Nike, corporate coffee, and how to change the world. It's also a love story. I've been spending part of 2010 revising this; if you want an update about when new chapters are ready you can look here.

Other Things

The Superfun Portal of Mystery
Sites on the web that I look at regularly.

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