STICKYPHONE is a sound-toy to record and publish on-line audio messages. Every next message overwrites the previously stored one. Evry audio message has embeded ID3 information on it's author and date of creation. In contrast to the other messaging tools, here you have only one file which content is updateable from evryone.
The decission of making archive of an audio note is to the user if he decide to download the note via the link, or put's it into his local archive from the applciation itnerface from where he could later listen and mix different audio notes.
You could leave audio message and let others listen to it until it is overwrited by others. You could be responded or you could find your note bounced back if someone loads and adds it from his local archives.
You could use the POST tool not only for posting voice messages but also soundscapes or any other audio information you find interesting.

From this website you could listen to the last added publick Stickyphone Note.
To record your own audio note and post it to the base you need the executable tool you find in the POST section.

You can listen to the last added STICKYPHONE Note directly via the on-line player or by making a local copy via the link STICKYPHONE.MP3.
If you want to post your own Audio message you have to download the STICKYPHONE application:

To Post your Stickyphone to the remote server, first enter nick into the “enter nick…” field, that would be used for your authentication, then press the “Post” button, this action will start the audio recording procedure. The button now takes “End Post” state waiting to stop the recording session, pressing it you will start the automated procedure of saveing the audio data, compress and id3 tag it, and upload your Stickynote to the remote server. The maximum duration of your Stickynote is 25 seconds, if you miss to press the “End Post” button, it will activate itself 25 seconds after you have started the “Post” procedure, and will finish it.

Get — Download and Play, the latest Stickyphone.

Archive — Add the latest downloaded or recorded Stickyphone to your local archive folder, and lists it into the Archive list.

Post — Records, Compress, Tag and Upload your Sickyphone to the remote server.
If you post your stickyphone-note and it appears blank - (no sound) - check this Recording Sound in your Computer.pdf guide.

If you start playing a Stickyphone from your archive and in the same time start the Post procedure, you might be able to pickup the audio signal coming from your speaker with your microphone and this way to bounce part of the archived Stickyphone back into the one you are currently posting, thus creating an feedback and archive process.
Put Stickyphone on your website.
To have Stickyphone note on your website - Copy/Paste the following code.
I plan to extend Stickyphone note into an audio message phorum, where the users would be able to create and respond to topics..
Idea: fluyana
Realization: navn
RecSnd xtra by Geoff Smith


The source code of the software is open if anyone is interested to extend it in a more complex structure like "audo forum".