Carnivore's Cathedral: Whose Child is this? (2003)
6' x 6' x 5'

Keywords: Tolkien, Christ, Your Empire and Your Desktop

Carnivore's Cathedral - A neo-Christian Karaoke machine / computer cathedral with kinetic gargoyles leading an imperial theme song sing along.

GodsEye is borrowed from the computer gaming term God's eye perspective which positions the player as a God/General/Wizard floating above the world - awarded total control over cities, armies and minions. GodsEyecosists of several computer sculptures that make up a techno-/neo-medieval landscape built around the functional hardware elements of a computer desktop environment: keyboard, mouse, monitor, tower, etc. Formally, it draws from the subcultures of custom computer case modifications, hardware hacking, computer game modification and sampling.

"A Touch of Medieval" (on magic and computer games)


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Exhibition history:
Intercommunications Center (ICC), Tokyo, Japan
Grand Arts, Kansas City, MI
Postmasters Gallery, NY,NY

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