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we are the subversive media group io, which means input
output, public space interaction, where we exhibit interactive installation and see what the recipients make out of it how they react, whatever.
I (cubic) made a computer game/interactice video installation called (t)error, as my critics on world politics and terror, vicious circle of violence, etc. Our group tried to work out how people would react if something like this is
exhibited in a guerilla action in public space in a situation like “octoberfest” ( in munich. An event of fun, beer drinking, amusement, logo and stars t-shirt selling, grilled chicken and ordinary working class people enjoying their lifes and their drinks. Where media ruined youngsters get drunken and aggressive. In Austria we have
something similar like "oktober fest" in our town, we guess something like that exist everywhere ;-)

Thx for the attention,
Stay tuned and keep the good work up,
Reinhold Bindner, Robert Praxmarer and Nina Fuchs

Remember sweet dreams control the phuture !

title of work "fun anyone"
year of production 2004