The doorway is an interactive web project which requires some time to complete.The first page will take a minute or so to come in.If you follow in sequence from top left to bottom right the images will come in very quickly(a few seconds).The active link and visited links are of course colored differently so you may choose to follow the site in a random manner.

"The doorway is situated just west of Toronto.Chiyoko and I had left the city on a weekend in March.The snow had fallen all day.As we drove towards the Forks of the Credit river she took a less traveled road.That's her way.The doorway recalls the day and some images which grew in my mind over the next few weeks."

"The work was made in html 3.0.The film was an inexpensive drugstore brand.The photo's were scanned on a Hewlitt-Packard Flatbed and reworked in Paintshop.Image reduction was done with Gifweb.This project is public property.I would imagine it could be even more effective if it was viewed using twenty monitors(one monitor for each table).If you want to execute the work this way simply strip the html and make each table a URL.This would yield 400 URL's and although that sounds like a lot,I imagine the programming would still be quite easy."

Eric Dymond,1996

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