S i b e r i a n D e a l / M a i n P a g e
[MAP] The journey begins in Moskow with the farthest point in Irkutsk, Central Siberia. The exact travel route is flexible but will include Krasnojarsk and Novosibirsk for their network- facilities.

Siberian Deal is a project on /objects and /information emphasising contacts of people, involving them and sharing tangible and intangible things.

material //

through the exchange of real goods. Objects brought from the west will be traded for local goods - the value of western products is explored.
The objects will be evaluated, the places where they are exchanged will be geographically marked and the whole process documented in different media. The contents and outlook of any presentation will be the result of all persons involved. All objects given in trade are replaced by plaster replicas

virtual //

during our travels we will send reports and relate on experiences over internet communication links. Everyone can travel with us and interact with us through our internet URL and email
*Chrono Popp, webmaster, will receive all of our communications and format them to the webpage

DEAL 3 Edition //

Pictures and prints, sound and video, texts and documents will be available in digital and traditional formats.

If You want to see how we are preparing for the trip Click on Siberian Fantasies /1