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April 28, 2008
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Undecided Question

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What is there to look at online?

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Answers (7)

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    get a myspace theyr fun theyv got heaps of applications n stufff
  • Answerer 2

    crazyshit.com not for younger veiwers....sorta like rotten.com
  • Answerer 3

    lots of cool stuff.
    1. Go to youtube.com and watch videos of every description. some goofy ones and some tutorials.
    2. Think up a word; then Google it to see where it takes you. Check all of the sites for an evening of entertainment and education.
    3. Do the same as #2 only use the same word in Google Images.
  • Answerer 4

    what isn't there to look at online?

    its the largest collection of information on the planet
    and it gets bigger everyday
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  • Answerer 6

    Anything you want
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