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Undecided Question

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Is it best to let people know ahead of time that you are not going to let them control you?

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Answers (5)

  • Answerer 1

    ... hmmm, wouldn't actions speak louder than words?

    ie, "does it really matter what you tell someone .. ? "

    my opinion is "no, it's not best ..."

    (Mama used to tell me
    "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.")

    dunno, your mileage may vary, or I might just miss the point entirely

    late at night :)
  • Answerer 2

    When it first comes up you need to speak up. It is not something that I would list on the first date.
  • Answerer 3

    yeah... or else they will
  • Answerer 4



    3 years i spent with a lad that controlled me ! awful
  • Answerer 5

    of course it is, you would only do that if u were paranoid and it's happened to you before. just tell them that if they r controling you.

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