I/O/D 5 - request for help

I/O/D 5 is currently being put together. We anticipate that it will be launched some time in late '99.

This issue will be a multi-user communications program, loosely working in the area of 'chat' or groupware. It will again be free to distribute and use.

I/O/D 5 will need to use a distributed network of macromedia director multi-user server applications. We are looking for people to give us space on their multi-user server. We'd also like to hear about people who could take low-volume traffic through their MacOs or Windows/NT machine - if connected to the internet full-time.

This issue will also have the capability of using plug-ins written by others. More information will be available on this when the software is released, but if you've got an evil take on Lingo and want to spread some mayhem - get in touch.

email us!