All day and All Night is an interactive/multimedia experience. I recorded 24 hours of network television in September 2003 and bought every product with a barcode that was advertised. This project was developed as a commentary on American consumer culture after that experience.

The project is evolving in parts. I designed a framework/aesthetic to present my version of consumer culture. As in product focus groups, which utilize consumer input/interaction to develop or refine a product, I am observing how gallery visitors interact with this project. From my observations I am refining the design to reflect user interface, circulation, and conceptual issues.

My motives are covert. I will discuss any aspect of the show from construction to concept. However, I will not discuss the connection between the Firing Range and the Scan Station. Send you theories here.

Part 1 and Part 2 appeared at Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA) from November 7 - 18 and December 4 - 13, respectively.

Empty Products : Read Julie Orlemanski's paper about this show.

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