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"GoDNA" - the Geometry of DNA as viewed from the axial, or end, view - combining the image seen in one 360° rotation of the double helix molecule.

Normally, when looking at the double stranded DNA from the front or side view, one sees that it is like a twisted ladder, spiraling around itself, with 10 links (ladder-like steps) across the dual strands for each 360° twist. Those links are where the genetic code sequence is located, built from one of the four nucleotide bases...adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine. The thicker rails of the ladder would represent the fixed, symmetrical (antiparallel) structural, repeating units of sugar-phosphate groups. Thus each strand is built of a series of repeating steps consisting of base (variable)-sugar-phosphate unit (nucleotide).

In the 1970's, Robert Langridge pioneered computer generated imaging of the double helix molecule, showing that the axial, end view, when flattened together (composited), presented a beautiful, outwardly symmetrical snowflake-like design, based not on the number six, but rather ten.

My efforts have been to analyze the geometry of this pattern...and thus "GoDNA" was born. I have found that a series of concentric double pentagons (decagons), each of which is intimately related to each other...indeed defines each other...defines the architecture of this axial view. I have attempted, through contrasts of color, tone and the geometry itself to bring out some of its extraordinary beauty and subtleties of form. The original geometric analysis was performed on Langridge's published works, but the forms shown here I drew by hand from the graphic knowledge gained from that analysis and subsequent study of additional DNA forms. The full GoDNA analysis is presented here.      
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Writings based on visual art, math, music and physics

2003-Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of): The Conservation of Spacetime by The Conservation of Force

-The LUFE Matrix: the distillation of SI units into more fundamentally base units of space and time dimensions (Short Title: The Multi-dimensional LUFE Matrix

-The LUFE Matrix Supplement: Examples and Proofs

2001-Part II below, from 2000, was rewritten and recast for online publication as a three part series:

Part 1: "PIN: Pattern in Number...from primes to DNA" A brief primer on visual patterns found in simple, well known number systems leading into the remarkable number magic and esthetic beauty of the DNA double helix (axial view) found in Part 2.GoDNA and continued in Part 3.SCoDNA.

Part 2: "GoDNA: the Geometry of DNA (axial view) revealed"

Which came first? The self replicating underlying geometry or the form itself with its dependence on enzymes, hydrogen bonding and a matching code of bases?

Part 3: "SCoDNA: the Structure and Chemistry of DNA (axial view)"

Extending GoDNA into the realm of structural detail and chemistry forming the composite design.

2000-"The Geometry of Music, Art and StructureÖlinking science, art and esthetics, Part II" self-published. The original material for this paper was presented (self-published) at the 1997 solo exhibition at the Montage Gallery, Portland, OR under the title "Patterns In Numbers: From Prime Numbers to DNA".

1998-"The Geometry of Music, Art and StructureÖlinking science, art and esthetics, Part I" presented at the Eighth International Conference on Engineering Computer Graphics and Descriptive Geometry in Austin, TX, sponsored and published by the International Society of Geometry and Graphics. The original material for this was presented at the 1996 solo exhibition at the Montage Gallery, Portland, OR.

1991-"The LUFE Matrix: the distillation of SI units into more fundamentally base units of space and time dimension (Short Title: The Multi-dimensional LUFE Matrix) " with supplement, paper, self-published

1987-"Fundamental Constants of Nature: Mass", paper, self-published

1987-"Fundamental Constants of Nature: Ratios", paper, self-published

1987-"Fundamental Constants of Nature: Charge", paper, self-published

1987-"Fundamental Constants of Nature: The LUFE Matrix", paper, self-published

1986-"Mass Variation in the Electron by Photon Absorption & The Inverse Square Law", paper, self-published

1986-"Expose on Music, Color and the Inverse Square Law", paper, self-published

1985-"L.U.F.E.: The Laymanís Unified Field Expose" (a visual guide), textbook-manuscript, self-published



1970- BS General Science, Oregon State University 1972- MS Cell Biology-incomplete, OSU
1973- MT(ASCP) Medical Technology, Good Samaritan Hospital & Medical Center, Portland, OR
1973- 1978- Medical Research Specialist, Good Samaritan Hospital & Medical Center, Portland, OR

Solo Exhibitions

2001- Lara Sydney Custom Framing Gallery, Portland, OR
1997- Montage Gallery, Portland, OR
1996- American Institute of Architects/ Portland Chapter, Portland, OR
1996- Montage Gallery, Portland, OR
1995- Montage Gallery, Portland, OR
1992- Zero Square Gallery, Portland, OR
1989- Oregon Graduate Center, Hillsboro, OR
1989- Portland Community College, Rock Creek, OR
1988- Beaverton City Hall, Beaverton, OR
1987- Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR
1987- Beaverton City Hall, Beaverton, OR 1987- Beaverton Chamber of Commerce, Beaverton, OR

Group Exhibitions (select, nonprofit org.)

2003- Rhizome ArtBase, http://rhizome.org, "naughty physics (a.k.a. The LUFE Matrix)", New York,            NY
2002- Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition 2002, City of Bellevue, WA
2002- Rhizome ArtBase, http://rhizome.org, "Hey! U funk'n with my DNA?", New York, NY
2002- Net.Art, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, http://www.irishmuseumofmodernart.com
2002- 20th Annual Visual Arts Showcase 2002, Beaverton Arts Commission, Beaverton, OR
2001- Net_Working, net.art, CHArt conference and Watershed Digital Cafe, Bristol, UK
2001- FILE_2001 (Electronic Language International Festival), net.art, Museu da Imagem e do Som,
          S„o Paulo, Brazil, August 7th-September 2nd, 2001. Online all year at: http://www.file.org.br
2001- Rhizome ArtBase, http://rhizome.org, "RealSurReal...aClone, 2001", New York, NY
2000- PICA, "Open Walls" (unjuried), Portland, OR
1995- Maude Kerns Art Center, "5th Sculpture Biennial", Eugene, OR
1995- Maude Kerns Art Center, Womenís Art Triennial, Eugene, OR
1993- Maude Kerns Art Center, "The Silent Child, Art as Healing", Eugene, OR
1992- Kinsey Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle, WA
1991- A.I.R. Gallery, "Choice"(unjuried), New York, NY
1989- Maude Kerns Art Center, "Icons and Idols, A Celebration of Ceremony", Eugene, OR
1989- Justice Center Sidewalk Gallery, Portland, OR
1988- Newport Visual Arts Center, "Nuclear Visions", OCCA, Newport, OR
1986- Northwest Artistís Workshop, "On the Job", Portland, OR
1985- Germanow Art Gallery, "Current Visions Ď85", JCC, Rochester, NY
1983- Northwest Artistís Workshop, "Description/ Portrayal" (Invitational), Portland, OR
1983- Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, "The Figure: New Form, New Function", Gatlinburg, TN
1983- "1st Annual Sherbrooke Intíl Painting Salon", Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
1981- PCVA, "Public Hanging" (unjuried), Portland, OR
1978- Northwest Artistís Workshop, "Salon de Refuses" (unjuried), Portland, OR

Past solo show theme titles (Paintings and sculpture):

"The E-P Series: digital-encaustic with scratchboard", 2001
"Dance Number Appendage: A Surrealistic Look At Patterns in Dance and Numbers", 1997
"Lucy:Contemporary Reflections on Paleonathropologic Findings",1996
"A Search for the Multicultural Mythology of Our Times", 1991


"The Geometry of Music, Art and Structure...linking the esthetics of Art and Science" at the 8th ICECGDG (International Conference on Engineering Design Graphics and Descriptive Geometry, sponsored by the International Society for Geometry and Graphics, the Japan Society for Graphic Science, and the Engineering Design Graphics Division of the American Society for Engineering Education; hosted by the College of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin).1998.
Published in the Proceedings of the 8th ICECGDG, Vol. 2, pg 378, ISGG, Tokyo, Japan, 1998
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