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  • Page 5a: Dark-Dark-Light: Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of) .
    Conservation of SpaceTime as moderated by the Conservation of Force and Energy. The LUFE Matrix is introduced. The relationship between the Higgs, photon and graviton gauge bosons as the gatekeepers between spacetime and matter is examined. Date first published: 05-08-03; link to LUFE Matrix added 05-30-03.

  • Page 5b: The History of the Universe in Scalar Graphics .
    (Simultaneous Birth of Black Holes and the Inflationary Universe at the onset of the Big Bang) A mostly graphical supplement to "Dark Matter = Dark Energy (the inverse of): The Conservation of Spacetime by The Conservation of Force". Date online: 11-28-04

  • Page 6: The LUFE Matrix.
    Here is a fully digitized and interactive version of The LUFE Matrix The LUFE Matrix: the distillation of SI units into more fundamentally base units of space and time dimensions (Short Title: The Multi-dimensional LUFE Matrix). Date first published: 1985 (LUFE); Date first published by itself: 1991. Date online: 05-30-03. Preview-Review Slide Show added 08-05-03

  • Page 7: The LUFE Matrix Supplement.
    The supplement, first published along with the The LUFE Matrix in 1991, contains over 200 examples and proofs covering a wide range of classical and modern physics and cosmology. The paper version is 97 pages long. The digital version is now completed. Date first published: 1985 (LUFE); Date first published by itself: 1991. Date online: partial 06-30-03. Completed:07-27-03

  • Page 8: The LUFE Matrix: Infinite Dimensions.
    ~a room with a view...within a room with a view...within a room with a view~
    A new, speculative journey to account for the multiple dimensions that have informed The LUFE Matrix since its introduction in 1985. Date online: partial 03-10-04. Completed: 03-14-04

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