K a t h y R a e H u f f m a n

(IMAGE) Kathy Rae Huffman is a free lance curator, writer and networker. She has been active in the field of media art since the early 1980s. As chief curator of the Long Beach Museum of Art in California from 1979-1984, she established LBMA Video, a multimedia workshop and broadcast quality post production facility for artists. She was curator/producer of the Contemporary Art Television (CAT) Fund, a partnership between the ICA Boston and the WBGH New Television Workshop, from 1984-1991, where she created a context for artists to define television as a medium for their personal expression.
Since 1991, Huffman has been based in Austria, from where she researches and facilites information about new media art in Central and Eastern Europe. She has consulted for the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts Regional Network Project; and has created programs for Ars Electronica, Linz and TRANSIT, Innsbruck. She is a member of HILUS intermediale Projektforschung, an association of artists, curators, and technicians in Vienna. HILUS is a production and research platform for art and new technology specializing in networking, processing and metadesign.
Huffman earned an M.F.A. degree (cum laude) in Exhibition Design, from the Department of Design, California State University Long Beach, in 1979, where she also holds a certificate in Museum Studies and Management.

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Kathy Rae Huffman
HILUS intermediale Projektforschung
Kleine Neugasse 12/3, A 1040 Wien
TEL 43.1.581.6444 FAX 43.1.581.4493
E-mail: kathy@thing.or.at