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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
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April 28, 2008
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How long can you run 2 laptops on a single charger?

If you have 2 exact models of laptops and only 1 charger and you need to be constantly using both laptops to perform similar tasks how long can you run both computers for?
sototallyfobfan_101 by sototall...
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November 03, 2007
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I lost my charger =\
so i have to share it with my sister
and it doesnt last for a while if you switch back and forth, when its not charged much.
wat i would do is charge one before you go to bed, and when that one is 100% charged, charge the other one. That way you wont have to worry about switching it until a few hours later...
keep one charged, so when the other computer gets to 50%, switch the charger.
and remember you'll always want to completely unplug the charger for about 15 - 20 minutes...it mighht over heat and break...and 1 charger is better than no charger!

and if you ever want another charger, and dont want to pay the expensive prices at the stores, you can always get some pretty good deals on ebay or amazon.

good luck
hope that helps =)
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think ill try this

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Other Answers (4)

  • darkjewls77 by darkjewl...
    Member since:
    April 11, 2008
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    592 (Level 2)
    That depends on what kind of laptop it is. Be specific please.
  • raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandoms by raaaaaaa...
    Member since:
    May 03, 2008
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    852 (Level 2)
    A century Har Har
  • pRiscillaa ♥ ; by pRiscillaa ♥ ;
    Member since:
    May 03, 2008
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    571 (Level 2)
    well, you need to take turns so charge one up then the other...
  • PartieHonteuse by PartieHo...
    Member since:
    November 07, 2007
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    5,037 (Level 5)
    Depends on the hardware you're running on each PC. The specs of the battery. The software that's running and what power it's using from the system (i.e. processor time, hard drive time. etc. etc.). Too many factors here to give you an exact number so uhh...It could last 3 hours or 3 minutes...

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