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noridel r noridel r
Member since:
September 21, 2006
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168 (Level 1)

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Which people or nationality in the world do you like most,except your country?

Riley by Riley
Member since:
December 17, 2006
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51,816 (Level 7)

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Being Australian I have to say all world nationality's as all fellow Australians come from all nationality's and countries all around the world. Like myself I originally came from the USA.
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  • mattharmetz by mattharm...
    Member since:
    May 10, 2007
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    554 (Level 2)
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  • jlhlmbrg by jlhlmbrg
    Member since:
    April 28, 2008
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    72 (Level 1)
    residents of margaritaville
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  • Luna Winter by Luna Winter
    Member since:
    June 30, 2006
    Total points:
    21,350 (Level 6)
    every Latino nation in the world... I'm American
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  • hello88 by hello88
    Member since:
    May 02, 2008
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    319 (Level 2)
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  • ck by ck
    Member since:
    March 01, 2008
    Total points:
    8,652 (Level 5)
    Latino or French
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  • mayiacielo by mayiacie...
    Member since:
    April 22, 2008
    Total points:
    874 (Level 2)
    I gave myself, time before answering your question. Kudos to you for such a thought provoking question. Well after considering my answer I finally came up with my answer.
    Being that my father was Black and French. and that my mother is Italian and Cuban. Moreover, that I know all four cultures and speak 3 of the languages. I would say that I admire the Japanese culture allot.
    What I most admire about the Japanese culture is their sense of honor and loyalty this are 2 traits that I admire most in a person. Therefore, this are the 2 most important traits that I myself personally adhere to.
    The majority of the cultures that I have encountered are loyal to their culture so this is not what I am speaking about, Nor am I speaking simply about the honor that they have towards themselves, friends or family. I am speaking about the entirety of the honor, and the loyalty they have towards all the people of their culture.
    I feel that if every culture every nationality would feel the same type of honor and loyalty towards their kind. More people would advance within their own culture.
    The majority of the Japanese people that I have met help their own once they come to the USA and they in turn will help other of their culture.
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