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pistonclash pistoncl...
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October 06, 2007
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I won the lotto a few years back, and my life has fallen apart. Where did I go wrong? Was I too selfish?

I won over 16 million dollars. I went back to school and finished my degree in chemical engineering. I payed off all of my families homes. I helped my friends, worked with the homeless (they pretty much all took advantage of me), and started an organizatino to help tutor school kids. I also pursed a lifeling dream - riding motocross professionally. I never made it "big", but I had great fun. After a terrible accident I lost the ability to use my left arm. I started feeling sorry for myselft and it has been a downward spiral since. I haven't left my cabin in three months. I haven't turned my phone on for nearly as long. I am so lonely. The only time I am not in pain is when I take sleep meds and am not awake. Does anyone have any ideas to help me? I've got a good heart, I just can't figure it out. Please, I respect "believers", but I am not interested in finding "God", as I am very much agnostic. Thanks so much.
FBI28 by FBI28
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January 22, 2006
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Why don't you take a trip over to that orginization you created and see what an impact you had on some kids life. Obviuosly you weren't selfish. I am so impressed with your open heartedness. Most people would become a scrooge with all that extra money. Also most people wouldn't have continued with their schooling, foolishly believing that their money would make their way for them. I admire people like you. I have to ask you one thing though, do you admire yourself as much as others obviuosly do?

Of course you feel betrayed by your body by the loss of use of your left arm. I would feel that way too and franklly three months of mourning isn't that excessive you have every right to feel the way that you do. But don't let your hate consume you, I bet you feel angry with yourself, you blame yourself and there is no need for any of that. Your left arm didn't define who you are, your left arm isn't your entire body, it's merely a piece of you. If the left tire on your Jaguar went flat does that mean the whole car is a junker....HECK NO. It's just as valuable, it's just as treasured. Where are your family and friends that you so generously helped out. Aren't they there? Do they visit with you? If not you need to find yourself some sort of outlet. Start up a computer business of some kind, with the money you have left you could start a support group online for people in the a similar condition as yourself. As for now every morning I want you to GET OUT OF BED. Even if it's just for a few minutes. Take a shower and clean yourself up that is the most important thing in getting mentally well. You have to feel physically better before you can get mentally better. Make a list of things that you need to do around the house nothing is to small to go on that list ( example: Put away the clean forks) it may seem so small at first that it won't help you feel productive but beleive me it works. Turn on that phone and call someone even if it's just the operator CALL SOMEONE no one is meant to be alone and that is one of the biggest reasons you feel so bummed right now. You have been isolated from mankind and no man is meant to be an island. I hope you find yourself again because we need people like you in this world. I personally need you to get better so you can go out into this miserable world and make some positive improvments out there. I need people like you to help me make this world a better place. I know you have done so much already with your fortune you recieved, now get out there and do some more.

E-mail me anytime if you need to just chat.
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  • Sassi-The Happy White Kat by Sassi-The Happy White Kat
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    April 21, 2007
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    4,053 (Level 4)
    whoa......I have read about other big winners experiencing similar difficulties. I am a devoted Christian, and well, all I can say is God is the answer to everything.

    Peace to you, and I hope you find hope and light.
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  • jlhlmbrg by jlhlmbrg
    Member since:
    April 28, 2008
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    72 (Level 1)
    Have you tried smoking pot? It might give you that extra boost of creativity to help you snap out of whatever you are going through.
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  • Kat by Kat
    Member since:
    May 21, 2008
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    730 (Level 2)
    just live ur life. the happier u are and doing the right thing ike you did will help you later on. there's a reason for everything.
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  • gerlawgoody1 by gerlawgo...
    Member since:
    August 08, 2006
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    15,907 (Level 6)
    A good start would be looking at both your insurance policy and your bank statement.
    You need to find treatment (possibly surgery), therapy and pain management meds or techniques. You need to physically be better first.

    Is there any jobs in your chosen field that doesn't take a lot of arm movement?

    Even tho you are not the type to call in favors, maybe mom,sis,brother,cousin could drive you places or help with laundry or the lawn.

    Next, CHOOSE who to reconnect with. Positive people who will cheer you. negative people are ALWAYS miserable.

    I was in a bad auto accident and spent weeks in the hospital and a wheelchair for 5 months. Depression also may be kicking your butt (like it did me!)

    My best wishes go out to you!~
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