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Tony Tony
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April 15, 2008
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What's some slang used in your city?

Where are u from and what are some slang words used there.

Additional Details

Jawn - obect or a thing/or a girl.
Let me get that jawn; did u see that jawn that just walked by.
Hot- cool, nice looking.
Them shoes are hot
Mad- stressing an adjective
That game is mad hard, the mall; is mad far.
Crazy- same meaning as mad
Sick- same meaning as hot
Whats the deal- whats up
Bumping- playing music loud
I'm bout to bump that new weezy.

4 years ago

break bread- giving money
u want this shirt than break bread
stack paper- getting money
I feel u- i know how u feel.
I can't think of any more lol haha

4 years ago

Drawn- standing out
ur drawn as hell with that bright a** shirt

lol one of my fav's.

4 years ago

FBI28 by FBI28
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January 22, 2006
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4,022 (Level 4)

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okay so I live in Alaska and our way of life is a little different than those that live in the lower 48 (slang for the rest of America) and it's only 48 cause Hawaii technically isn't lower than us. So here are some other things we say up here.

Chichago- The Alaskan Version of a Freshman hasn't survived their 1st winter here.

Native- It's Native outside-Meaning it's really COLD

Chinook Winds- Warm winds coming off the mountain

Sled- Snow machine

Mud Boogin- Taking a truck/4-wheeler through the mud

Of course we have all the other slang like bouncin', sick, hot, mad, etc.
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Something different lol, nice.

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Other Answers (10)

  • Melana by Melana
    Member since:
    June 02, 2008
    Total points:
    8,535 (Level 5)
    We have the "no R's" accent, along wiht a lot of slang words
    We call the liquor store a packie.
    A water fountain a bubbler
    We call chocolate sprinkels jimmies
    A lot of people will say "bang a left" to someone who's driving. It basically just means turn left as soon as the light turns green. If you don't, you're stuck forever.
    We call the living room a parlor
    Soda is tonic
    We also say wicked a lot. We just replace every "really" with wicked.
  • niceguyswlondon by niceguys...
    Member since:
    October 14, 2007
    Total points:
    4,519 (Level 4)

    Rosy Lee.

    Apples and Pears.

    Iron hoof.

    Ginger Beer.

    Frog and Toad.

    Ruby Murray.

    Lionel Blairs.

    Pig's Ear.

    Loaf of Bread.

    Mince Pies.

    Barnet Fair.

    Daisy Roots.

    Trouble and Strife.

    China Plate.

    Whistle and Flute.

    Ball of Chalk.

    Tit for Tat.

    North and South.

    Berleley Hunt.

    Bees and Honey.

    Brown Bread.

    Rub-a-Dub Dub.

    Mother's Ruin.

    Tom Thumb.

    Mutt and Jeff.

    Brahms and Liszt.

    Boracic Lint.

    Tod Sloan.

    Boat Race.
  • italiianbella7 by italiian...
    Member since:
    June 03, 2008
    Total points:
    125 (Level 1)
    im from the south side of chicago and idk if its slang or whatev but we say "whatev" alot and "redonkulous".. at least the people i hang out with do. or we say "recockulous" you know instaed of ridiculous?
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  • Kat by Kat
    Member since:
    May 21, 2008
    Total points:
    730 (Level 2)
    in california we don't really have slang...
    ya know
    cuss words..
    not really slangy here but ya jus tlk alot here
  • jlhlmbrg by jlhlmbrg
    Member since:
    April 28, 2008
    Total points:
    72 (Level 1)
  • MrsMitchell by MrsMitch...
    Member since:
    May 29, 2008
    Total points:
    1,598 (Level 3)
    Im from South Dakota where we say Uff Da!! :)
  • Esme by Esme
    Member since:
    May 05, 2008
    Total points:
    148 (Level 1)
    in Texas we say 'ya'll...'
    Member since:
    March 30, 2008
    Total points:
    2,534 (Level 4)
    meanwhile, in jolly ol' england, we all talk proper, dont you know?
  • micheleh29 by micheleh...
    Member since:
    August 10, 2006
    Total points:
    15,981 (Level 6)
    I don't usually use any of these words or phrases but I have alot of teenaged relatives and I have heard them say:

    about girls who are slutty: they go hard
    towning; meaning they are going to act wild/crazy whatever
    Oh no not nev---they say this sometimes when you ask them something it means they would never do that....lol
    they now call flip flops , flop flips
    when describing someone who they thinks looks good that person is either "bad" or "cold" or "killing it"
    As you can see my young relatives are around me quite a bit I find them amusing...lol we live near cincinnati
  • Natasha B(blocked by cowards) by Natasha B(blocked by cowards)
    Member since:
    February 24, 2008
    Total points:
    45,277 (Level 7)
    im from plainfield, new jersey
    A1's-air force ones
    crispy-fresh new
    yo i just copped some crispy A1's for the party tonight
    whats really good-i want to fight
    come out ya face-do something considered out of character
    how you gone come out ya face disrespecting my girl like that? whats really good n****
    champ-take "cancer paper" out of a black and mild
    cut down-share a ciggarette a smoke
    yo hurry up and champ that black so i can get a cut down
    reynolds-a wrap
    take it down-im tired
    yo man seriously its a reynolds im bout to take it down i got to work in the morning


    i got mad words if you need more just ask!

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