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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
Member since:
April 28, 2008
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72 (Level 1)

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What do you think of the media?

Josh by Josh
Member since:
September 03, 2008
Total points:
1,334 (Level 3)

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I rarely read or watch mainstream media, because you can be sure that it's a load of bull. I read it every now and again to see what BS the masses are munching on. That's as far as it goes. I lose a little bit of faith in humankind every time I watch evening current affair programs.They are, by far the worst.
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  • Lincoln6 by Lincoln6
    Member since:
    December 26, 2006
    Total points:
    105,371 (Level 7)
    If you rely on them for the truth, you're in trouble.
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