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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
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April 28, 2008
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How many steps make a flight of stairs?

David B by David B
Member since:
August 31, 2006
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I think technically a flight of stairs would be any number of steps from one floor to another. In a split level house it could be as few as 5 from basement to first floor and 8 from first to second floor. In a home with eight foot ceilings it would be fewer than a home with 9 or 10 foot ceilings on the main level.
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Other Answers (3)

  • athiestforthebirthofjesus by athiestf...
    Member since:
    June 11, 2006
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    20,637 (Level 6)
    ..... I'd say "more than one" even tho usualy it's more than 10

    if the floors / levels are separated by large distances, te number
    would be BIG.

    I've seen stairs going from floor to the roof of a power-plant which
    spanned over 100 feet. tho I didn't count the number of steps

    (it gets kinda vertigo-like when walking up structures like that)
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  • Rottie Mom by Rottie Mom
    Member since:
    July 27, 2008
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    36,106 (Level 7)
    It's usually 12 or 13, but that depends on the height of the ceilings on the floor where the stairs start.
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  • colt by colt
    Member since:
    September 06, 2006
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    694 (Level 2)
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