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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
Member since:
April 28, 2008
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72 (Level 1)

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What countries put the month before the day when writing a date? Like 11-13-08 instead of 13-11-08 ?

Additional Details

There are other countries in the world besides European countries and the United States. What about South America & Asia?

3 years ago

amandalb83 by amandalb...
Member since:
November 13, 2008
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301 (Level 2)

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just the Americans who always have to be different
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Other Answers (4)

  • just me by just me
    Member since:
    November 11, 2006
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    10,124 (Level 6)
    Most European countries use dd/mm/yyyy. US uses mm/dd/yyyy
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  • zoloptanthroputus by zoloptan...
    Member since:
    June 15, 2008
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    199 (Level 1)
    I don't know, I love to do the opposite of this norm wherever I happen to be residing.


    Ordinary kicks.
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  • fruitsalad by fruitsal...
    Member since:
    March 07, 2008
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    31,077 (Level 7)
    Only the US, just like it doesn't use metric measurements yet like the rest of the world does.
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  • B K by B K
    Member since:
    June 06, 2007
    Total points:
    10,096 (Level 6)
    in the us, you put the month before the day, in europe it is the other way around
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