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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
Member since:
April 28, 2008
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72 (Level 1)

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What makes something searchable?

hemppy by hemppy
Member since:
January 18, 2008
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21,745 (Level 6)

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hi jlhlmbrg, this is kind of a loaded question not unless you are searching for one exciting answer but if you are asking me what you should be looking up then it would have to be java code. are you aware that people are going to school to learn this and now i am studying this on my own and it sounds to me like computer design but it is much larger in other words it is all of the designs that has to do about the computer so if you took biology in high school it sounds like the same thing. a deep study in computer design. java is covering a new language it's a platform in architecture decision such as EIFFEL SMALLTALK OBJECTIVE C AND CEDAR/MESA see what i mean now this is important stuff if you are in computer design so java code is a good study. good luck hope i was hepful to you


but actually what ever you find enteresting is what you should be looking up. history in murder ivestigation i found very enteresting so i have looked up everything from lizzie boden to jack the ripper. i looked up strange disappearancese without explination of people and i was freaked out about this but as i say what ever enterest you is worth looking up. good luck
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5 out of 5
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do you want to hang out sometime?

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