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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
Member since:
April 28, 2008
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72 (Level 1)

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Do you feel comfortable showing other people the files on your computer?

athiestforthebirthofjesus by athiestf...
Member since:
June 11, 2006
Total points:
20,637 (Level 6)

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

... no problem

nothing terribly volatile ... lotsa geeky stuff and
there's baZILLIONS of files on it

besides, nobody ever asks to look
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Other Answers (1)

  • Man With No Name by Man With No Name
    Member since:
    November 15, 2008
    Total points:
    528 (Level 2)
    Well, it's not like Interpol will swing by my house to use my computer,
    Of course I feel comfortable. All my friends know my tastes in music and movies (and some X rated material never hurt anyone) so there's nothing to be embarrassed about.
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