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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
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April 28, 2008
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What are my options as an artist?

make_me_blue by make_me_...
Member since:
February 12, 2009
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237 (Level 1)

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oO your options are limitless.
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  • ARTmom by ARTmom
    Member since:
    June 13, 2006
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    28,003 (Level 7)
    I am a Wildlife artist with a BFA in fine art and a color theory and design minor. I also have a AAS in Graphics. Computer multimedia is a strong field, as well as other graphics. You can go into advertising, product design, game design, the movies, working for companies like Pixar and Disney. I worked as a freelance artist doing logo design and product design while in school, then went on to 26 years as a decorative artist where I traveled the USA doing murals, faux finishing, stenciling and custom furniture with architects and designers. I sell my originals now by commission, in galleries and on Ebay but don't make much like I did doing murals. Clothing graphics arte a big deal-look at Ed Hardy designs etc. You have to decide what type of art is your thing.
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  • Meteor Crater Boy by Meteor Crater Boy
    Member since:
    January 01, 2007
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    729 (Level 2)
    more details are needed about what you do. I personally do "traditional painting" went to art school, found out that my options were limited and now do not like being an artist ! and now am looking into doing art conservation.
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