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January 29, 2009
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Last night my bf thought that..............?

he'll b sleeping in my room wit me....but then my mom came home a day early...so thinking that my mom knew that me and the bf already slept together...she wont care if he sleep there for the night...then my mom wants me to get him out of the room when hes half asleep already....i think my mom wanted him out cuz she dunno where my sis gonna sleep if he sleep in my room.....he got kinda pissed at me for it....what should i do?? should i b on my moms side or his side??

we're in our 20's..... we like each other so much.....i have the WORLD'S STRICTEST MOM EVER............
atouatou2003 by atouatou...
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May 02, 2008
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dont take sides. just explain to your mum that what she did was rude to him, and exuse her to your bf saying she was tired and scared about you. that's a mum's job, getting involved in or life, whether we need her at the time or not.
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  • inhis_image by inhis_im...
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    December 19, 2006
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    You're kidding right! You like each other? You both are an irresponsible 20 years old. At least have enough respect for your parents to get a room in a hotel!
  • 28 n K town by 28 n K town
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    July 30, 2008
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    582 (Level 2)
    He shouldn't be mad, just blow it off and tell him you know how my mom is.
  • jlhlmbrg by jlhlmbrg
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    April 28, 2008
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