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kristina5193 kristina...
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August 26, 2006
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What to do about stomach hair?

im 16 now but when i was small i pretty much shaved my whole body(yes i no stupid) i shaved my stomach and my boobs and in between my boobs. pretty much everything. now the hair grows back really thick and its really embarasing. I have been waxing it for about a year now and it is still the same and im tired of waxing it because it is still noticable when i wax like there will be black dots. Is there any other thing I could do besides laser?
? by ?
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October 12, 2009
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There is the braun epilator

Which plucks the hair, I find it extremely effective and stunts hair growth for a long while, I find it better than waxing. At the start of using it, it is painful but just like plucking your eyebrows you get used to it.
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  • Greg L by Greg L
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    March 29, 2007
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    3,062 (Level 4)
    1-shaving will not make your hair thicker or darker
    2-wax, shave, it's up to you
    3-hire an English tutor

    women arent genetically suposed to have hair like that their
    you obviously have an incredibly high testosterone level
    your a man"

    You write like an idiot. You need an English tutor more than she does.
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  • fuzzy by fuzzy
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    October 30, 2008
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    37 (Level 1)
    I did the same with my eyebrows when I was younger and now I have to contantly pluck them. But I can imagine it's alot more annoying when it's your whole body! You could get get laser hair removal treatment which I thinl gradually gets rid of it, that's the only thing I can think of. Otherwise just keep shaving!
  • jessica by jessica
    Member since:
    November 17, 2007
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    732 (Level 2)
    blood tests? shaving shouldn't bring it through quicker....it could be ovarian cysts or poly-cystic ovaries a hormone imbalance....i shaved my tummy a few times and no hair came back through thick just normal....i hope this helps....go to your doctor ok?

    good luck :)
  • Tomb Raider by Tomb Raider
    Member since:
    August 06, 2009
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    73,114 (Level 7)
    The only option that you have is to go to a electrolysis,look in your yellow pages of your phone book and make an appt. to have this done.Hope this helps you out.
  • Bill by Bill
    Member since:
    September 06, 2009
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    2,403 (Level 3)
    women arent genetically suposed to have hair like that their
    you obviously have an incredibly high testosterone level
    your a man
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  • Angela by Angela
    Member since:
    October 15, 2009
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    1,565 (Level 3)
  • Alex by Alex
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    June 09, 2008
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    2,091 (Level 3)
    Shave it once again.
  • davidmatteli by davidmat...
    Member since:
    March 20, 2008
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    1,045 (Level 3)
    I will never understand women. They have hair in stranger places than guys do. WAX THOSE BABYS!
  • Jada by Jada
    Member since:
    July 18, 2008
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    38 (Level 1)
    veet mousse
  • jlhlmbrg by jlhlmbrg
    Member since:
    April 28, 2008
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    72 (Level 1)
    just own it

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