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jlhlmbrg jlhlmbrg
Member since:
April 28, 2008
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72 (Level 1)

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Wheres the good money at?

Albert by Albert
Member since:
May 30, 2007
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9,057 (Level 5)

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Other Answers (3)

  • Penguin!:D by Penguin!...
    Member since:
    August 28, 2008
    Total points:
    481 (Level 2)
    Depends on your skills. What your values are.(like you enjoy family time, over time jobs not really good for you, or you value creativity, a designing job like architecture or artist etc) Money comes in.. If you grades aren't that good you can't go to collage, university so then you can't be a dentist, engineer etc. But I recommend becoming a Doctor, Dentist, Engineer, Lawyer, Architect and in those ranges. Factory Working, Oil Patch, Store/Fastfood Chain Employees are NoNo's. But it really depends your enjoyment and skills and money for school and grades.
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  • deshawn.coleman by deshawn....
    Member since:
    February 11, 2008
    Total points:
    107 (Level 1)
    The best thing I found so far is becoming an affiliate on hotsearch.ws. You go to the site and click the affiliate link at the bottom then you go to a sign up page do it and follow the directions. You won't get rich but they gaurantee at least 125 bucks in 24 hours. I think you should give it a try. I did the project payday thing but you have to pay to do the offers I didn't like it. This is much better because it's free.


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  • Jenifer Raj by Jenifer Raj
    Member since:
    November 15, 2009
    Total points:
    108 (Level 1)
    I don't understand ur question. if you want to make good money. i'll suggest some PTC sites name. Its good for money making. by
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