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Are you ready to change your life? Take this quiz to see if you are truly ready to join the APBP.

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We encourage all talented, cutting-edge artists to apply!

We are currently seeking artists whose work has high commercial potential. It is also imperative that these artists be extremely discreet.

Applications are reviewed by a panel that makes purely subjective judgments.

Please fill out the information below.

Personality and Values
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Why do you want to join the APBP?

How do you feel about committing fraud?
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Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
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Can you keep a secret?
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In what situations do you feel honesty would be inappropriate?

Career Achievement
How many years have you been working as an artist?
  1-4         5-20         21-50  

How many exhibitions have you had per year?
Solo Shows This Year:   1-4         5-20         21-50  
Solo Shows Last Year:   1-4         5-20         21-50  

How many works did you sell?
This Year:   1-4         5-20         21-50  
Last Year:   1-4         5-20         21-50  

You are encouraged to include your resume in the box below.
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