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Are you ready to change your life? Take this quiz to see if you are truly ready to join the APBP.

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what we do We are dedicated to providing you with the recognition and financial freedom that you deserve after years of hard work in both the art world and the studio.

If you are accepted, this is how the program will work for you:

3 easy steps to a new life!
1. Learn
We will teach you everything you need to know about assuming a new identity. This includes:

  • Lectures by experienced fugitives who can tell you how to avoid being recognized, and how not to attract attention to yourself.
  • Intensive language courses by native speakers, who will also tutor you in the local customs and culture.

  • 2. Relocate
    We will move you and your family to the city or country of your choice*. Here are some of the possibilities.

    3. Collect your stipend
    Your monthly stipend is based on the estimated value of your projected art sales. We will sell your artwork, manage your "estate" and invest the remaining balance in the stock market for you so that your annuity will last for your entire "new" lifetime!

    * From a list of locations determined by APBP.

    Palm Trees on the beach

    One of the many lovely locations where you can settle once you become a member of the APBP.

    View a slide show of other possible locations.

    Click on the links in the text for further explanation.

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