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who we are
Our entire staff is dedicated to supporting talented and deserving artists through targeted sales of their artwork and solid management of their financial portfolios.

In 1990, Mr. X and Ms. Y became concerned about how difficult it is for artists to make a living and produce their work, so they formed the Artist Protection & Benefit Program in order to support artists and give them the financial security they deserve.

Mr. X   Ms. Y

After leaving the Witness Protection Program in the 1980s, Mr. X needed to re-establish his career. To make ends meet, he started working as stock broker, and explored the art market for it's long term invesment and high earnings potential.
Ms. Y is an expert in the art of deception. A well-known private eye, her firm works on wire taps and background investivations for Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Y was responsible for providing her "family" in New York with all their personal identity papers and documents.

This project is partially supported by
Artists Space's Independent Project Grants Program

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