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Case Studies
The Artist Protection & Benefit Program has worked with hundreds of artists over it's 10-year history. By giving them the financial stability they deserve, we have given these artists a new lease on life, allowing them to pursue their creative endeavors even more rigorously than before.

Here is one of our success stories.

Note: names have been changed to protect the artist's current identity.

Doris Z.

When Doris moved to New York from Argentina, she had no idea how difficult it would be to get recognition in the art world. Young, idealistic, and filled with enthusiasm, Doris was sure that she would get some serious recognition within 5 years of her arrival.

But life doesn't always work out the way that we think. Doris had her work shown in museums and alternative spaces, but real financial success eluded her.

That's why she joined the APBP.

Learn more about Doris.
Member testimonial

Learn more about Doris Z.

Doris with her husband
Doris and her husband were married soon after she became a member of the APBP.

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